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NOVA Functional Training

“Helping individuals take ownership of their movement without boundaries.” — Dr. Jane Pavalkis, Head Coach

NOVA Functional Training

Boring templates don't take into account your individual needs.

Your success is determined by considering your goals, experience, and life situation. Your training program should take these important aspects into consideration as well. No equipment requirements and no boring templates.

Two ways of taking ownership, customized for your needs.


In-person training with your coach provides the most accountability and the fastest results. Receive instant feedback and adjustments with a fitness professional who knows about you and cares about you. In-person training is available in Loudoun County, or over ZOOM calls.


We will provide a program built exactly for you and your situation, schedule, history, and goals, and deliver it via our online coaching portal. A coach will check in on your progress, review workouts, and adjust your program day-to-day and week-to-week to ensure progress.